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Match Stick Plant

Common name: Match Stick Plant, Gamos Bromeliad
Botanical name:  Aechmea gamosepala

Panama Pacific Tropical Waterlily

Botanical name: Nymphaea 'Panama Pacific'
These flowers with sweet fragrance can be cultivated in small, medium or large water gardens. They tolerate partial shade and blooms remain open late.

Wishbone flower

The common name of wishbone flower comes from how the stamens look like a chicken wishbone in shape...

Wishbone flower blooms like crazy all season. It needs rich, very moist, well-drained soil and is ideal for a cool greenhouse plant in shade in hot regions...

Also called as clown flower for its vividly marked flowers that resemble the face of a clown...

What is a wishbone?

The furcula or wishbone is a forked bone found in birds and some other animals, and is formed by the fusion of the two clavicles.

pic courtesy: wikipedia
There is the Thanksgiving ritual of two children making a wish while holding opposite sides of a V-shaped turkey bone and breaking the bone apart. The wish of the child getting "the lucky break" (child holding the longer piece of bone) is predicted to come true. The loser - who gets "a bad break" - suffers the disappointment of a shattered wish.

People have performed superstitious acts with wishbones for centuries. Do read this article by Marcia Davis - The wishbone myth has a long history

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