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Yet another case of plagiarism

Plagiarism rears its head again. One of the pictures from my Blog is flicked by an internet portal - 

(Click on the image to view larger)
And this is the original image from my blogpost.

No prior permission was sought and no credit mentioned.

Update (February 27, 2011): Mr. AHMAD NAZRI NORDIN, the owner of  responded. I am reproducing his email below:

Oh My god!!!!! I am deeply sorry to you
I didn't notice that was your picture..

For your Info,  I buy this website template from Warrior Forum

Here is the seller website

and here is their demo website:

I am so regret for what happen... Please forgive me Sir.

I hope you will go to that web hosting and design agency and you should ask them.
I hope that I have clear to you..

And because of this matter I have delete my website and domain as my respect for your beautiful art work.
I will be more careful after this to buy any ready made website template

Again... Sorry for what happen from the bottom of my heart.

So, Mr. Nazri seems to be duped by a Web design firm called Ahead Design who sold him a complete website that includes the said picture stolen from my Blog.
Here is the screen-shot of the seller website (
 (Click on the image to view larger)
So, now I would have to deal with Ahead Design, a web design agency based in Ireland.

Update (February 27, 2011) I sent an email to Ahead Design informing them of the unauthorized usage of my picture, and asking them to pay the image cost.
I got a prompt reply from Mr. Luca Paradisi of Ahead Design. Reproducing the same below:

Hi Shiju,
I was looking at your blog, you really have some beautiful imagery there. I understand your concern about keeping it protected, especially because I am a professional photographer myself ( and among my sites).
I find my images pretty much everywhere (type Luca Paradisi in Google images) and don't even think of trying to stop unauthorized use, that would be pretty much impossible - then again at the end of the day it's all about having work around, in good or bad.
I was trying to contact the person who made the camcorder site to see if she remembers about your image. Unlikely to find her on a Sunday. It is however quite strange the fact that I see the image has a signature (on your blog) which was cropped out (on our site). Since we would never do that, I am pretty sure the image wasn't taken from the blog, probably from some other source. Do you have EXIF data in your picture? That should help I guess.
Once again sorry for the inconvenience and keep up  the good work.
As per his request I sent the evidence to prove that the image was taken from my blog.

Update (March 01, 2011) After sending a reminder email asking him whether he got in touch with the person who made the camcorder site, I received the following email from Mr Luca Paradisi.
Hi Shiju, I did but unfortunately she doesn't remember. She also deeply apologizes for the INCIDENT. Look, even assuming that we intentionally "stole", as you say, your pic with malicious intentions - which as said I do not believe it's true - I did remove the image immediately, so did my only customer. The image has, in fact, being used, for a short period of time (like 2 weeks), on just two websites with no traffic whatsoever, not in a prominent position, and in small size, with a total turnover, for me, of $50 (as you can see from the counter on the sales page of that particular website). I believe my apologizes suffice.
Whether Mr Luca or Ahead Design made profit out of the venture is the consequence of their business line. I stated to him that I am still looking at receiving the payment of the image cost.

Update(March 07, 2011) After waiting for a few days, I sent him a reminder to clarify his stand on the payment of the image cost. I received the following email from Mr Luca Paradisi on March 7, 2011.
Hi Shiju,
You seem quite in denial, it's like you're setting up a trial for an innocent mistake. The designer told me that she did not take any signature off the photo, then again she don't remember where she got the photo from. It is my understanding that the photo was taken from the internet, thinking in good faith that it was public domain. Maybe someone took the photo from your blog, removed the signature and saved it somewhere, with the same filename.
Then I got your email about unauthorized use, of course I take it as a take it down request, also because a cease and desist is the first step in these cases anyway. Let me tell how it works in the world of photographic intellectual property and specifically photos online, because you seem unaware about any of this, or maybe just inexperienced. 
You take a photo and register your copyright. Why I know you did not do that? Because you are an amateur with a blog and registering imagery costs $$$ each, so only stock agencies or famous photographer do that. Either way, whether you register it or not, if you find out that the photo has been used elsewhere, you send a Cease And Desist, then, if the recipient does NOT comply, you MIGHT start a legal action (IF the photo has been copyright registered). If the recipient CLEARLY BENEFITS COMMERCIALLY from the photo (think a magazine printing 500,000 issues nationwide, or a large diffusion book) you might seek compensation. You'd have to pay 100s of dollars in legal advice anyway so if Time or National Geographic steal a photo from you, MAYBE you might do that. Do you understand that this is ABSOLUTELY NOT our case?
Since I am also a photographer (for 30+ years) and you seemed a decent guy, I have been trying to be helpful and friendly rather than irritated. I recommend to you - and this is worth more than the money that your are seeking from me: 1. Put a big transparent logo on the entire images, not just a sig at the bottom. 2. Save EXIF data along with the images. 3. Disable right-click save from the blog. 4. Clearly state on the site that the images are for sale only, the price for licensing, what type of licensing and so on. 
I often buy royalty free images from Getty or stockphoto, as you maybe know they are very dear, yet the price for website usage in low resolution is about $5/$10 for LIFETIME use and worldwide visibility. Now if Getty asks $5 (see my latest purchase invoice attached, oh look -- I am not a thief!), how much would you theoretically want from me, like.... 50 cent, $1, $2...? Yes, if the image was still on the site I would consider paying it, but it is not. Regards,Luca
So according to Mr Luca's analogy, my picture should costs 50cent, $1, $2. He never asked me what my picture costs before going ahead and using it. I can put any selling price to my pictures. I do not want to continue the argument with Mr Luca Paradisi any more. 

I am contacting the Irish government agencies to look into this matter of cyber crime and economic offence.  

 Here is the previous instance when one of my pictures was stolen by Deshabhimani, a leading Malayalam language daily.

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